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The Faces of Our Organization

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Mr. McKoy likes to say that anyone can talk, but taking action is how you show that you care.  Mr. McKoy has a passion for helping others, specifically working with Veterans, Youth and underserved Families.  And that, in itself, is an understatement. 

From his humble military beginning with the U.S. Marine Corp to his current business operations, Mr. McKoy has set an exemplary model of what “helping others” looks like. 

After being honorably discharged as a Sergeant from the U.S. Marines, Mr. McKoy entered into the public service sector and discovered what makes his heart happy.  He was a Lieutenant for over twenty years at The Montgomery County Detention Center, where he supervised two hundred and one correctional officers.  He was responsible for training the officers, and conducting evaluations, as well as having served as the Grievance and Conflict Resolution Officer for youth inmates.  He created multiple  outreach programs and conducted seminars for elementary, middle, and high school students about the consequences of being incarcerated.

Currently, Mr. McKoy, who is an active member of the NAACP, exercises his entrepreneurial talents with his various business operations.  He manages many companies, including a staffing agency ( and a non-profit service organization for veterans, all while holding his insurance licensure with American National Life Group Insurance Company. 

He founded the Taft and Ulysses houses for homeless veterans and continues to volunteer his time at Open Door Baptist Church in Washington DC as the Security Team Leader.  

He continues his philanthropic work with My Brothers and Sisters Keepers where he educates high school students by coordinating events and providing speakers to help these young minds prepare for their life after school and beyond. 

In his free time, Mr. McKoy loves to travel with his beautiful wife, Michele.  He continues to keep his eyes and ears open for opportunities to help others help themselves. 



Board Member

Michael Anthony Dickens Sr. Is a Veteran of the Security Industry who possesses strong organizational, and problem solving abilities. He upholds family values, loyalty, friendship, and has a strong professional background in business management. Mr. Dickens has worked well independently and as a member of a team with a capacity to master new concepts in helping the community. He possesses the ability to analyze information, make appropriate decisions, exercise in making recommendations providing leadership at the Revelation of Gospel Holiness Church of Deliverance, and participates in community outreach services with the homeless. Mr. Dickens has strong communication with the public, colleagues,  individuals whom he has served over 30 plus years as an Operations Sergeant, and has worked with the Department of Corrections supervising other officers in the field. Mr. Dickens loves football and is always up for a challenge!  He is recognized as the “Leader of all Leaders” always willing to lend a helping hand and going above and beyond for all individuals he comes in contact with. One of his famous sayings is “Team Work Makes the Dream Work”, from his professional career alone you can always count on him to make a positive impact on the lives of many.

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Board Member

Mr. Don L. Jackson, Jr is a veteran educator who is recognized as a passionate, student-centered educator continually seeking to improve learning and school culture. He earned a B.S. degree in Sports Management from Towson University, a M.S. in Sports Administration from Georgia State University, and an Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction from Lincoln Memorial University.  Mr. Jackson is an expert in curriculum design and construction, using technology in the classroom, and has a strong passion for the positive impact of quality physical education/fine arts programs in our schools. Don was recognized in 2020 as Teacher of the Year.  Don currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two children(twins).

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Board Member

Throughout her illustrious career, Solei has spearheaded several initiatives that have propelled companies to exponential growth. She has overseen the sales and growth of several divisions, and identified opportunities to innovate by partnering with third-party vendors. She has also worked with companies ranging from small scale start –ups to mid and large size corporations, offering consulting services across an array of industries including manufacturing, distribution, and software development.
Solei lives in Florida with her husband, along with their children and two Newfoundlands.  She is heavily involved with the community, her local church, and various charities.  When not working, Solei enjoys spending time with her active family and friends.  She is very fond of traveling, scuba diving, boating, kayaking, photography, and the occasional nap whenever she can get it.

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