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"Assist The Vet" Program

"Assist The Vet" aims to provide comprehensive support to veterans navigating the complexities of obtaining benefits and accessing essential services. Under the guidance of our team of experienced case management professionals, led by a seasoned expert in veteran benefits, our mission is to streamline the claims process, provide personalized assistance, and connect veterans with tailored resources to meet their needs.

Tailored for veterans:

1. Employment Support: Facilitate job connections for veterans with relevant organizations and businesses through workshops and partnerships.

2. Essential Goods Drives: Coordinate drives with local entities to gather and distribute food and clothing donations to veterans in need.

3. Conflict Resolution Training: Offer specialized workshops and resources to help veterans navigate conflicts effectively in various aspects of their lives.

Recent Milestones: We recently received grants to support veterans. In 2024, Walmart awarded us a grant to provide hygiene items to veterans. Additionally, in 2021, we received a grant from Prince George's County Government to offer services including toiletries, tents and blankets, and food to veterans.

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What We Do

A dedicated team will spearhead the case management process. They will guide veterans through paperwork, educate them on available benefits, and advocate on their behalf. Our focus extends beyond paperwork; we recognize that many veterans require additional support, such as home modifications, transportation assistance, and access to essential services.


To address these needs, we will leverage a network of skilled professionals, including small veteran-owned businesses, to provide tailored solutions. By partnering with local companies in Oregon, we not only deliver vital services but also contribute to the growth and support of the veteran community.


Our approach is rooted in compassion, efficiency, and a commitment to improving the lives of veterans and their families. Through Assist the Vets Operation List, we aim to ease the burden on veterans, empower them to access the support they deserve and foster a community where veterans serve veterans.


Contact Us:

4145 S.W Watson #350

Beaverton, OR 97005


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